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The Credo, of which this Fugue is the finale, was begun by Cherubini in Italy in the year 1778-9 (while studying under Sarti) and finished at Paris in 1806. François-Joseph Fétis, in his work on Counterpoint and Fugue, says of this noble piece of composition by Cherubini:

This fugue – in which all the devices of its peculiar style are introduced with rare fidelity, notwithstanding the extreme difficulty arising from so large a number of voices – had no model of proportionate development. The dread of wounding M. Cherubini's modesty prevents my giving utterance to all the eulogy that this fine production deserves. I can only urge all those who study the art of composition to examine it attentively, returning to it again and again, since they will be unable to discover its full merit upon a first inspection, or to comprehend all that such a fugue contains of scientific and artistic excellence.

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