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 +====== Fix Not enough free disk space to continue, shutting down ======
 +===== In Icewind Dale 2 =====
 +OK, this is strange. I was previously running Icewind Dale 2 on Fedora Linux using PlayOnLinux. After swapping out my old hard drive with a new one -- and restoring the game installation using PlayOnLinux Vault -- the program threw an error at launch:
 +''Not enough free disk space to continue, shutting down''
 +Doing some digging, such as [[https://forum.winehq.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=18657|this helpful thread on the WineHQ forums]], it seems that Icewind Dale 2 (and perhaps related games using the Infinity Engine), might have problems when running them on a disk or partition larger than two terabytes ((or at least with more than 2 TB of free space)). Some possible solutions are:
 +  - Create a smaller partition and install the game there
 +  - Install the game onto an external drive
 +  - Create a virtual machine (Virtualbox, GNOME Boxes, //etc//) with an appropriately sized virtual disk and install the game inside the VM
 +Not satisfied with any of these solutions, I fiddled with a bunch of settings inside PlayOnLinux. Changing the Display settings did not yield anything fruitful.
 +What finally did work was **changing the WINE Application Settings to mimic Windows 98** (Go to the WINE tab, click //Configure Wine//, and then use the dropdown menu on the //Applications// tab. The game launched and ran fine.
 +For the record, I'm using Fedora 28 and my version of WINE is 3.9.
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